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Please pray for the new church plant in Partido de Guernica. Monte Pajarito, Argentina. This has been a prayer process of many years culimating with the last 9 months where God set the birth in place. We have a basic facility that needs repairs but it is a great place to start. It is assured that it will in no way be able to contain the number of souls that will be harvested. 

Families and people from many nations have gathered around our facility. We have families from Argentina, Uraguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and many other nations. Mass migration of people who are fleeing from their own nations due to the effects of Covid on Latin-American economies. They travel seeking stability, family life and solid Holy Spirit led leadership for their families. Many of these people are also looking to put down roots and be part of a local church. 

That is where you and I come in. Our "Ministerio Espiritu y Verdad" (Spirit and Truth Ministry) campus is leading the church locally with Pastora Andrea Retonda. 

They are beginning to collect paint, lumber, nails, etc to get the place set up and ready for the huge crowds. Local people are providing labor and what they can in terms of materials, but perhaps God will touch your heart to give towards this amazing church plant?